Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Go Fly Kite

I almost forgot how it feels like having to see the scans of a life growing inside of you. This was what I saw yesterday, accompanying my treasured girlfriend into the specialist’s room. Hearing the heartbeat was one exciting moment as we heard it for the first time. It was bliss even when we both know the challenging times ahead especially when one decides to do this on her own. It won’t be that easy but I admire her for her strength and firm decision. Still, it will be pretty sad for a child not to know his/her own dad although I know many other children with married parents who’s never even met nor recognise their parent. Yup. That is highly possible too these days. The most important thing now would be to keep herself healthy and to have a friend to count on.

With this pregnancy, our planned trip to Bandung this month had to be cancelled as it isn't advisable for her to travel. Although I know of many who could travel in the early stage and not experience any complications, I guess we just shouldn't take any risks. It’s too bad though, as we got the tickets at such a cheap price on Air Asia. I thought I could do some shopping if not for my big day, for myself hehe… but I don’t think I’d like to go to this part of foreign land all alone. And, since the tickets were promotional rates tickets, I was unable to transfer them to my parents. Otherwise, they’d be so excited with the fully paid tickets for their anniversary. When I tried to do another booking for them, the ticket fare has already gone so much higher which I felt it wasn’t worth buying on Air Asia, a no-frills airline.

That’s the thing… I suddenly think that there’s daylight robbery with Air Asia. I am not questioning them on the increasing fare the longer you take to book the tickets. I am questioning on the no refund issue on the airport tax. I mean, if I don’t travel for many reasons, I am able to notify other airlines and they’d reimburse a certain amount if not full, within a specific period of time. I am not asking for a full refund from Air Asia but at least a refund on the airport tax because any idiot knows that when we don’t fly, we don’t pay airport tax. Correct me if I am wrong but airport tax is paid for a passenger that uses the airport facilities before boarding the plane. Therefore, if I don’t board a plane and never checked in for a flight, that means the airport tax is not applicable to me. But but but... it has already been paid to the airline...

Is this how Air Asia operates? I tried telling the rep that I am willing to pay additional surcharge to change the names on the tickets but was denied as my tickets were promo tickets and not applicable to changes. I don’t understand this. If I am not allowed to make changes, they should be able to refund my airport tax as they’d still make money when they’re able to sell the seats at a higher rate since the promotional period has ended. Even if they don’t reimburse cash as its their policy not to, they could credit the airport tax amount to me for me to use it in future flights within a specific period. That way, they are able to maintain a healthy number of loyal customers (which may not be that important to them as they'd always have a steady stream of customers, I guess).

If they do not reimburse the airport tax to me, how transparent is their financial reporting on this matter? Do they put it under ticket sales? When they do not have to pay airport tax for me, where does that income fall under? Charity?

I’ve heard of them making their bucks from this approach – giving out free seats so that people would buy the tickets and cancel them later only to really realise that there’s no refund and I’ve met at least one of them who’s bought 8 tickets for 4 destinations at one go, only to cancel at least 2 of the flights.

So… I dunno. I guess no more Air Asia for me. It’s a whole load of crap unless you really fly according to the booked date. I foresee that there’ll be much more controversies on their X-flights where they only charge RM9.99 one way to London and about half of what you’d usually pay on your return flight. So, does that mean if you get pregnant and not allowed to fly, you’ll burn at least RM2k cos they don’t allow refund?

Daylight robbery.

Oh well, as they say, you don’t like it, don’t fly with them.

toughcookie at 1/10/2007 01:27:00 PM

thru 3 pair of eyes

thru 3 pair of eyes

at 11/1/07 4:28 PM thru Desparil's eyes...

when i saw that 1st pic.. i thought omigod! did i miss the wedding?

ceh.. buat takut orang saja..

at 11/1/07 9:38 PM thru Anonymous</span>'s eyes...

it must be tough for your friend to go through the pregnancy all by herself and not to mention raise the child all alone as well. She is one strong and gutsy girl!!

Anyways, I went to Jakarta via Airasia the other day, had no qualms except the not so friendly system for people with kids and old aged parents. They shld not use their budget carrier motto (so called low air fares) as a reason for providing inferior servicesla kan. Yeah I think they should change their refund policy. It is such a let down.

Oh well travelling with airasia has its pros and cons..Sigh!

at 12/1/07 9:10 AM thru toughcookie's eyes...

that's a good one!! hahahh... helloooo... ish.

yup. she's one strong lady.

i have always travelled by Air Asia because of their low rates. i guess as long as you fly, you have no qualms la about their capabilities. your observations is another good point. it's like you win some, you lose some... :D


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